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Louise Bauer, Hull Designer

Louise Bauer was the creative genius behind many of Hull Pottery’s most popular lines. She went to work at Hull in 1944 and stayed with the pottery until it closed in the mid-80s. She is credited with creating the Bow Knot line which marked a new concept in Hull art ware. The line was a huge success and is still one of the most highly sought after Hull Pottery lines today. Bauer also created the Woodland, Serenade, Butterfly, Blossom Flite, Tokay, Tropicana and Little Red Riding Hood lines. Her Ebb Tide line was selected as best in show in a 1955 Pittsburgh competition. Bauer also designed hundreds of other novelty vases and planters as well as the Gingerbread line. Bauer passed away in 2008, but her wonderful pottery designs will live on for as long as Hull Pottery is collected!little red cookie

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