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Hull’s ‘Caribbean’ Pottery

In 1959 Hull produced a high-gloss white trimmed in tropic green line called Tropicana.  This line featured seven shapes and was decorated with colorful Caribbean figures dancing, swimming or playing music. Tropicana prices command some of the highest prices of any of Hull’s post-1950 art ware. A quick survey of on-line sites found an Ebay auction (August 2013) where three Tropicana pieces sold for $689. A Ruby Lane seller is offering a Tropicana piece for $360.  Because of its popularity and high value this line has been the target of reproductions. The original pieces are marked with the script Hull mark and while this also appears on reproductions is it usually blurred. The background on the reproductions tends to be yellowish and the green trim is not quite the right color. The figures on the reproductions are fairly well done so examine any Tropicana pieces closely to be sure you’re getting the real thing.tropicana22

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